The Best Way To Prepare Dinner Tasty Vegetable Rice

The Best Way To Prepare Dinner Tasty Vegetable Rice

Vegetable rice is really a balanced meal. Cook the rice within a rice pot. It is straightforward and quick to organize this dish. Place all of the substances along with the rice.

Prepare dinner the rice with any leafy veggies. It’s essential to period the rice with some spices and seasoning to obtain the ideal taste. Include meat, rooster and seafood to boost the flavor. This is certainly a complete meal by itself. This recipe is suited to vegetarian. On this recipe, I utilize a form of vegetable called ‘bitter vegetable’. This is a leafy green vegetable and is definitely developed during the backyard. Individuals use this kind of vegetable to help make ‘Chinese Salted Vegetable’. The vegetable style is very bitter. To remove the bitterness, cook with rice or dishes with some gravies. Not all people today similar to the bitter flavor from the vegetables Primarily youngsters.

Other types of greens can substitute this vegetable. Some individuals love to blend numerous different types of veggies.


3 four pieces bitter greens

one tomato (Reduce into cubes)

two mushrooms (soak and Minimize into cubes)

five 6 onions (slice thinly)

two teaspoons seasoning

2 cups water

2 cups rice

some oil for frying


one. Clean two cups of rice and place inside of a pot or rice cooker with two cups of h2o. Add some seasoning towards the rice. The seasoning is up to the style.

two. Soak the mushrooms until gentle after which you can Minimize them into cubes. To soften the mushrooms, soak them in boiling water. Toss away the drinking water as soon as the mushrooms are delicate. When it’s cooled down, Minimize them into smaller cubes.

3. Minimize the veggies into modest slices about a few centimeter in length. Lower the tomato into smaller cubes.

four. Peel and slice the onions finely. Just take out some sliced onions and fry them until golden brown for garnishing.

five. Warmth up a frying pan or cooking pot with some oil and fry some sliced onions until eventually fragrant. Increase many of the Lower ingredients until eventually half cooked. It isn’t important to fully Cook dinner the vegetables.

six. Insert some seasoning and put the 50 percent cooked veggies inside a plate.

7. Increase the prepared greens to the rice pot.

eight. Prepare dinner the combination till completed. The rice are going to be tender and fluffy. Provide over a plate with some fried onions.

Take note: If the food isn’t for vegetarian, mix the rice with some meat, prawns or hen.

The Best Way To Prepare Dinner Tasty Vegetable Rice

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